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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Rugby, and other sports England likes to get worked up about...

Today, I found myself up early, which for me is as likely finding a needle in a herd of haystacks. The reason for this strange occurrence was Rugby, or to be precise England Vs. Argentina in the Rugby World Cup. And to put it in short, England were sh*t.
 Dad and I had gone to our local rugby club to watch the game, and 3/4 in we were losing 9-3. Everyone had ,until J Wilkinson missed more penalties than decimal places in pie, high hopes for England and the World Cup. But at 59:00 minuets I looked at the room and saw anger compressed into 20 large men in England tops.
 Why do we feel the need to get so very worked up about it? It's only a game, we have another 3 games at least. I could of quite happily blended the Argentinian fans who were screaming at Wilkinson when he was taking a kick. But if we were beating NZ I would of been allot worse.
 Its only a game, and getting angry about it wont help, they're trying there best, and so I am sure is M Johnson. But if we lost that game, and a few more he would get the sack. be told to get in it, and thrown into a river. People make mistakes and have off days, accept and move on.
It's even worse with football.

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