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Friday, 9 September 2011

1001 things,

Yesterday, I was asked, to write a list. I say asked, to be completely truthful I was told, ordered. So I set about it, one of the very first was to write a blog, and update it as often as necessary for at least a month, so here I am.
 But everyone I asked for an addition to this list, told me either an experience or something silly. One person told me to hold a hammer the wrong way round, and just marvel at how light it feels. Now that's great, if I do follow this list which isn't yet 1001 things, I would be doing what everyone else thinks is a great way to live, I would have loads of experiences that the world says I should enjoy. So even though everyone else would go, you've had such a great life, it might not of been for me, it would of been what the world -or what you are lead to believe the world - thinks is a good life, and to be frank I don't know if that would make me happy.
 So the moral of this very first post is, follow your heart and your head, do what you want, no matter what society says.

P.S. - This does not give you a right to run around naked screaming stupid things, do what you want but don't hurt others.

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