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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Magic Tricks

I love magic, or at least the sleight of hand and clever little things that people devote their life to being able to do. Today I taught myself a trick and two sleights, its extremely hard to master sleights. It would take hours just to master one.
 I think everyone likes, loves or admires magic to a certain extent. It's so special being fooled when you don't even know it, and then not even realizing until a few hours later. Personally magic on television bores me, its so easy to manipulate different variables. But everyone should know at least one magic trick, so if your reading this pointless post, I kindly ask you to learn one, all you need is a coin or a pack of cards and the Internet. If your not planning on doing that, I command you to, failing that I will find you, and force you to learn one. And failing that I will give up.

P.S. If you know me you have to find me and show me the trick you learned, and see if you can fool me, if you don't and still want to, my YouTube is forson96, post me a video :)

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