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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

2nd thing to do..

The second on my list, which I completed today, was to hold a hammer by the metal part, and just marvel at how light it suddenly becomes. After this enlightenment comes then attempt to hammer a nail into a wall using the wooden part. Then feel greatful for the metal part of a hammer being in existence. What would the world be like without it?
 I think the world, at least the developed part, takes too much for granted. In a program I watched, that in fairness was from one of Micheal Palin's various travel series, there was a woman, who had to take out a loan for a mobile phone. Then she would make money, charging people to use it, as it was the only phone in the village. In today's day and age everyone has everything they could ever need, yet we always want more, I have a £5 phone, it does everything I really need it to, yet I crave for something that can do things that I could really do  without, I also want a new computer, an Xbox, and a large flat screen TV. Consumerism has taken us over, for once step back and think, does the current model fit my needs. And I think it will, if it didn't you wouldn't of bought it. If everyone every so often did that - they would have a little more money to spend elsewhere, true but also they would begin to realize how lucky we are living where we do, and how others don't even have an education.

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