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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

2nd thing to do..

The second on my list, which I completed today, was to hold a hammer by the metal part, and just marvel at how light it suddenly becomes. After this enlightenment comes then attempt to hammer a nail into a wall using the wooden part. Then feel greatful for the metal part of a hammer being in existence. What would the world be like without it?
 I think the world, at least the developed part, takes too much for granted. In a program I watched, that in fairness was from one of Micheal Palin's various travel series, there was a woman, who had to take out a loan for a mobile phone. Then she would make money, charging people to use it, as it was the only phone in the village. In today's day and age everyone has everything they could ever need, yet we always want more, I have a £5 phone, it does everything I really need it to, yet I crave for something that can do things that I could really do  without, I also want a new computer, an Xbox, and a large flat screen TV. Consumerism has taken us over, for once step back and think, does the current model fit my needs. And I think it will, if it didn't you wouldn't of bought it. If everyone every so often did that - they would have a little more money to spend elsewhere, true but also they would begin to realize how lucky we are living where we do, and how others don't even have an education.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Magic Tricks

I love magic, or at least the sleight of hand and clever little things that people devote their life to being able to do. Today I taught myself a trick and two sleights, its extremely hard to master sleights. It would take hours just to master one.
 I think everyone likes, loves or admires magic to a certain extent. It's so special being fooled when you don't even know it, and then not even realizing until a few hours later. Personally magic on television bores me, its so easy to manipulate different variables. But everyone should know at least one magic trick, so if your reading this pointless post, I kindly ask you to learn one, all you need is a coin or a pack of cards and the Internet. If your not planning on doing that, I command you to, failing that I will find you, and force you to learn one. And failing that I will give up.

P.S. If you know me you have to find me and show me the trick you learned, and see if you can fool me, if you don't and still want to, my YouTube is forson96, post me a video :)

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Weddings, food, and people watching

I love Weddings, or at least, meeting people and being fed. I love social situations, and people watching. If you haven't already noticed, most people have some of the strangest habits and ways of  becoming expected into a group of strangers. I tend to discuss rugby, with everyone. Because I know it and its somewhere I'm comfortable, other people are (or attempt to be) funny, some use a camera as an ice breaker, others break ice. Everyone has a way of being accepted.

Rugby, and other sports England likes to get worked up about...

Today, I found myself up early, which for me is as likely finding a needle in a herd of haystacks. The reason for this strange occurrence was Rugby, or to be precise England Vs. Argentina in the Rugby World Cup. And to put it in short, England were sh*t.
 Dad and I had gone to our local rugby club to watch the game, and 3/4 in we were losing 9-3. Everyone had ,until J Wilkinson missed more penalties than decimal places in pie, high hopes for England and the World Cup. But at 59:00 minuets I looked at the room and saw anger compressed into 20 large men in England tops.
 Why do we feel the need to get so very worked up about it? It's only a game, we have another 3 games at least. I could of quite happily blended the Argentinian fans who were screaming at Wilkinson when he was taking a kick. But if we were beating NZ I would of been allot worse.
 Its only a game, and getting angry about it wont help, they're trying there best, and so I am sure is M Johnson. But if we lost that game, and a few more he would get the sack. be told to get in it, and thrown into a river. People make mistakes and have off days, accept and move on.
It's even worse with football.

Friday, 9 September 2011

1001 things,

Yesterday, I was asked, to write a list. I say asked, to be completely truthful I was told, ordered. So I set about it, one of the very first was to write a blog, and update it as often as necessary for at least a month, so here I am.
 But everyone I asked for an addition to this list, told me either an experience or something silly. One person told me to hold a hammer the wrong way round, and just marvel at how light it feels. Now that's great, if I do follow this list which isn't yet 1001 things, I would be doing what everyone else thinks is a great way to live, I would have loads of experiences that the world says I should enjoy. So even though everyone else would go, you've had such a great life, it might not of been for me, it would of been what the world -or what you are lead to believe the world - thinks is a good life, and to be frank I don't know if that would make me happy.
 So the moral of this very first post is, follow your heart and your head, do what you want, no matter what society says.

P.S. - This does not give you a right to run around naked screaming stupid things, do what you want but don't hurt others.